Manicure – Dips in Powder
 dip powders are a combination of a glue-type liquid and powder that hardens when it hits the air, and leaves long-lasting color on your -- nails minus the need for any ultraviolent (UV) lighting to cure or dry
 Price: $35.00

which are cured and sealed under a UV lamp—this technique colors your nails with a super-pigmented powder (hence the name). The exact steps vary a little from formula to formula, but in general, your technician will start by removing excess oil from your nails, covering them in a base coat, and coating your fingers one by one with colored powder. The powder is typically then set with a few layers of topcoat, a clear powder, and then another round of topcoat. The result? A super-smooth and a durable manicure that’ll last three-plus weeks.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen a spike in dip powder manicures on your Insta feed in recent months (I mean…they’re really satisfying to watch if you’re into ASMR), but the technique has actually been around for years. So why hasn’t it exploded in popularity? Because not every salon offers dip powder (more on that later), although luckily, it’s a technique you can recreate at home. Just keep in mind that even though dip powder lasts longer than gel polish, you’re still working with your natural nail length (which, obvi, will continue to grow throughout the duration of your mani).